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Friday, April 13, 2018

Brave Monkey Saves Baby Rat From Giant Snake!! Must Watch Video

You must have heard of the famous spat between Mongooses and snakes. It is known that mongooses and snakes are enemies and whenever they are in front of each other, they become thirsty for each other’s blood. In this bloody game, sometimes the snake wins and sometimes the mongoose.
It is very difficult to win from snake as they spill poison but mongooses have got a trick. During their bloody fight, the mongoose focuses only on snake’s mouth. Mongoose directly target’s snake’s mouth so that it can not spill poison. In short, it is very interesting to see snake and mongoose fight and their tricks to win over.
But have you ever seen a monkey and a snake fight? No? Say, NOT YET because today we are going to show you one such thrilling video in which a snake is trying to attack a monkey.
Well, obviously the monkey is not thirsty for the snake’s blood because they are herbivores. Then why is he attacking the snake if not for flesh? The purpose behind this monkey’s attempt to hurt the snake will blow your mind!

Want to know this monkey’s motive? Then watch the mind-blowing video here:

The video shows a cobra who has made a baby rat his prey. There’s no one to save the rat, it is helpless, but then a hero monkey makes his entry. With the help of a stick, some hardship, and a lot of bravery, the monkey finally rescues the baby rat from the clamps of the cobra.
After fighting back a lot of times, literally, the cobra finally accepts its defeat and gives up. This must have been the first time you have seen a monkey defeating a cobra.

The video was uploaded by WOanimals and so far it has received 23 million views. It shows us that size doesn’t matter if you are brave and have the courage to do something no one has done before.