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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Hilarious Indian WhatsApp Chats That Will Give You A Good Dose Of Laughter

We all of those friends who manage to give us a good dose of laughter even if we talk to them after a long time. Sometimes the conversations with them become so interesting that we wish we could treasure it. Face to face conversations can only be stored in our memories. But thank God we can treasure the text messages forever!
Indian Whatsapp Chats
Whatsapp and screenshot techniques have made this task even easier. It works as a great teamwork tool for sharing files and images in just a breeze. We can easily connect with our friends and take screenshots of the funniest conversations shared with them.

Here are some hilarious Indian Whatsapp Chats that will surely give you a good dose of laughter

1. I wonder why Siddharth Anand decided to name the movie Bang Bang. Seems like he didn’t have a little bit of idea about how Indian Whatsapp Chats will make a double meaning out of it!

2. When boys are too clever to know the key to success. This Whatsapp chat is a living proof of what a typical girl really wants!

3. When you realize that your friend is a proud illiterate

4. After reading his girlfriend’s reply, this guy must have got turned down!

5. When your boyfriend tops the list of most annoying people

6. He is so adjustable

7. Bhai-bhehen! This is what you call Ghor Kalyug!!

8. No matter how advance India gets, we will always make friends this way

Indian Whatsapp Chats

9. When your realize that your friend should be the lead actor in Tube-light

10. We can never get enough of Indian moms who always keeps an eye on every activity of their child

If you find these Indian Whatsapp Chats funny then let us know. Share this article with your buddies and have a good shot of laughter together!