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Thursday, July 13, 2017

These Girls Attempted To Take A Selfie In The School, But Then The Camera Captured this

People say that ghosts are a soul or a spirit of a dead person that appears to be living. Just having to talk about them, sends shivers in one’s mind, isn’t it? But, do you ever think of the situation if you see them in real? So, today I am here with a haunted story describing the moment what two school going girls captured while taking their selfie.

Selfie Trend

Today taking selfies have become a major trend among one and all. The actual psychology behind taking a selfie is to capture each and every moment of their life with different poses so that they can post them on different social media sites.
They try to capture themselves in different places. But, something unexplainable and very scary got captured, when two girls were posing for a selfie in their school

About Rizal School

Rizal High School of Philippines having the highest population is always known for its glorious achievements and awards. It also got registered under Genius book of World records in 1993.
But, one strange incident brought the school into the limelight and affected its prestige in the society.

Incident that brings school into Limelight

A few days back, two girls of the school captured their selfie in a washroom for fun. They showed that selfie to their friends, and one of their friends noticed something different in the background which moved many minds. That thing was so strange and scary to watch.

What was it?

Many other school students and teachers also viewed that selfie and they were shocked to see a girl having shabby looks behind the blue container.
They all shivered just by looking at the mysterious girl in the background. Students were quite afraid as they have never seen such unusual thing before. They were not even ready to walk alone in the corridor. This news spread out in the market like fire which affected school’s prestige a lot.

What School and the Social Media States?

The school board members stated that this particular selfie has a reflection of some object. They are not ready to accept that there is something unusual in their school. While others say that this picture might be an animated one, created out of fun by girls or they want to make a fool of someone.