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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

NASA Releases Magnificent Pictures of India During Night From Space

NASA Releases Magnificent Pictures of India During Night From Space
NASA, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration take the responsibility of handling various research programmes in aerospace. All the researchers and scientists in NASA work on finding out about the entire universe and its mystery. In the recent times, this independent agency has just released a new global-wide map of the earth during night. Earlier, NASA sent the whole earth picture sometime in the year 2012.
After some years of study, NASA has once again come up with the stunning photos of earth during night from the space. These pictures captured from the satellite during night. NASA has referred these captivating pictures as ‘night lights’. Usually, NASA will release these pictures for every 10 years or for abou 25 years. Currently, NASA is researching whether it could be able to watch the images of these night lights on a daily basis so that they could study the day to day happenings in great way. Look at the stunningly incredible night lights of earth!
Night Lights on Earth
By researching and capturing the pictures of the earth more often then it could extremely change the way how we actually forecast the changes in the weather. Eventually, it could enhance the responses of natural disasters that happen on earth every now and then. This helps the people to keep a track of the effects that occur due to the wars. Check out the enthralling pictures of India during night. This even shows the increased population in the country and the usage of lights in these developed cities.
We can witness the difference between these two images of Indian map from the years 2012 and 2016. In the year 2012, the country not much developed with less light. Later, after seeing numerous changes in the country, we can see drastic development in the map as well in a span of 4 years. You can compare the pictures from the year 2012 and 2016. As of now, the Earth scientist Miguel Roman from Goddard Space Flight Centre in NASA is currently assisting and leading the entire research team.
The research team is working hard in developing new software and some other algorithms so as to bring out precise pictures. This time, NASA has provided the images of the earth without the light of moon. This way, we could analyse the total amount of light that shines on the earth without this natural source.