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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

10 amazing facts about Japanese people that will shock you

10 amazing facts about Japanese people that will shock you
Japan is a nation, which has stayed confined for centuries and also the one that has probably resisted Western Imperialism most vigorously. Altogether, contemporary Japan is tremendously pioneering on the tech-front. This exclusive blend of fervor for shielding custom and an approach for mounting scientifically has given rise to a civilization, which is extraordinary on a lot of levels. As revealed by these astonishing realities regarding the country.
Idiot is the most distasteful word in Japanese – For Japanese people, idiot is the nastiest word and no one can make use of this word in the country.
  • The Japanese people consume dolphins – They are dolphin lovers and enjoy with them. In the meantime, they can consume meat of dolphins that were killed in a restricted area of the body.
  • The possibilities of your purse being returned with your cash – Yes, this is true as Japanese are very honest and kind people. If your wallet got misplaced in Japan and you can get it back with your money.
  • Leaving tips means to devalue the work of a member of staff serving at table – Do not leave tips for waiters in hotels as this will undervalue the work of the worker.
  • In the case of Tokyo, kids travel alone at the age of 6 to 7 – In the city of Tokyo, kids aged between 6 to 7 can travel alone as there is complete safety all around.
  • Kids might not know the telephone numbers of their kin – Yes, this is also a true fact about Japanese
  • Japanese people can work for 18 hours without a break – The hard work of Japanese people has set examples for others every time. This proves their capability to work as they work for long 18 hours without any break.
  • In Japan there are vases with umbrellas on the roads. They can be taken free of charge – They care for their people.
  • In Japanese, the months do not have names only numbers – Yes, the Japanese calends do not carry month names and they boast of figures only.
  • Japan is the only nation in the globe that is led by a monarch