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Monday, June 19, 2017

Journalist Asked Kohli If “No Ball” Was Pleasant Moment For Him! Here’s What He Replied

Occasionally, we get to see some hilarious moments in the midst of distress and dejection which unintentionally bring a smile on our faces. The same happened after India Vs Pakistan final in ICC Champions Trophy 2017. As we all know, Pak had a landslide victory and defeated India with a big margin. This was obviously a heartbreaking moment for all the cricketers and fans of team India. However, it was creditable on the part of Virat Kohli that he appreciated the performance of Pak and congratulated them.
During a conference after the match, a journalist asked Indian skipper a baffling question which confused not only Kohli but each and every person present there.
Kohli was asked by the reporter about the toss that he won and the no ball by bowler Jasprit Bumrah on which they got Fakhar Zaman out; however, Fakhar was declared not out after the replays showed that it was a no ball. The reporter wanted to know if there was any pleasant moment for the Indian captain other than these two moments. Obviously, Kohli got little frustrated as well as puzzled and asked the man as to how a no ball could be a pleasant moment. To this, the journo said that India got a wicket and this confused Kohli more than ever. He raised a question on the sensibility of the query and then moved on to other journalists.
Watch The Video Of The Incident:

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Below is the transcript:
Reporter: Winning the toss and wicket off the no ball, did you feel any pleasant moment in this match?
Virat Kohli: Any what?
Reporter: Pleasant moment. You won the toss and got a wicket on the no ball. Did you have any other pleasant moments in this match?
Virat Kohli: For who?
Reporter: For You
Virat Kohli: How can no ball be pleasant for me?
Reporter: Because you got the wicket
Virat Kohli: Was that even sensible? I don’t know what is happening?
Confused? Even we are, just like Kohli!