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Friday, April 14, 2017

Shahid Kapoor And Kareena Kapoor: How Their Love Story Went Kaput

After all the drama, rivalry and sharing cold vibes, Kareena Kapoor Khan and Shahid Kapoor finally graced a stage ‘TOGETHER’ to unveil the trailer of their upcoming film ‘Udta Punjab’. It was one iconic moment to spot the two together at one given event. It almost took them 7-long-years after their breakup to make peace with each other and share the screen space. Technically, they are not sharing the screen space as both of them have shot their respective scenes differently and it’s the magic of the editing that the two would be seen together in one single frame.

The Breakup Conspiracies!

Though it is quite clear that Kareena’s growing closeness to Saif Ali Khan was the major reason behind their split, but there are few other speculations revolving around the same. Few reports suggest that it was because of the increasing interference of Kareena’s mother Babita in their life that Shahid decided to call off his relationship with Bebo. Another story says that it was because of Bebo’s fading Bollywood career which led to their split.

The END!

Things turned sour and cracks in their relationship widened! Kareena grew extremely close to Saif Ali Khan and then became a frequent visitor at his residence. Saif and Kareena’s friendship for sure was something unusual. Shahid couldn’t take this and he finally called off their relationship. They were shooting for ‘Jab We Met’ when the news of their split made it to the headlines.

When Things Turned Sour!

Everything was fine till the time, Shahid and Kareena headed abroad for the shoot of their respective films in the year 2007. Kareena travelled to Leh to shoot for her film ‘Tashan’ and that’s when she grew close to her long-time crush Saif Ali Khan. Saif-Kareena started spending a lot of time together post the shoot and this bit of news did reach Shahid Kapoor, who was then busy shootong for ‘Kismat Konnection’ with Vidya Balan.

3 Years Of Togetherness!

Shahid and Kareena’s relationship lasted for almost three years before they decided to head to splitsville. In this given time, both the stars expressed a deep affection for each other. Even Kareena’s mother Babita had given a positive nod to their relationship. All was fine and the two were expected to become that ‘Ideal’ couple of the industry, who would spend rest of their lives together.

Who Chased Whom?

Shahid and Kareena’s love story was a little different than the usual. Most of the times, it’s the Romeo who chases his Juliet and makes her fall in love with him , but in Kareena-Shahid’s love story it was tad opposite. It was Kareena who chased Shahid for almost about 2 months and eventually made him fall head over heels in love with her. The two were spotted together at various occasions and love was in the air. So much that Kareena brought a number of alterations too in her life. She turned vegetarian for Sasha, started taking interest in spirituality and so on…

Love Confessions!

Surprisingly, none of the stars, especially Shahid who was fresh in the industry, were shy to accept their relationship in public. Shahid and Kareena were in love and it was out in the open! No secret meetings, no shying away.. nothing! and that’s what we loved about their relationship. Even when they appeared on ‘Koffee with Karan’ they accepted their love for each other with grace. Kareena had said that “Yes he (Shahid) is the someone that is very special part of my life who brings smile on my face” while Shahid confessed, “She is the center of my life, my personal life works around her, I can’t think of a day without her.”

The Begining!

In the year 2004, Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor bagged Ken Ghosh’s thriller love story ‘Fida’. Kareena played the role of that evil girl who traps an innocent boy to work in her benefit. Something clicked between the two and cupid struck! Though the film didn’t fare well at the box-office, but it did prove good enough for an unforgettable love story to begin.